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About Us

The European Union – Latin America and Caribbean Foundation (EU-LAC Foundation) was created in 2010 by the Heads of State and Government of the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) member states. Its Members are the Member states of the EU and CELAC as well as the EU itself. The Foundation is a tool of the EU-LAC partnership and its activities feed into the intergovernmental dialogue, in line with the bi-regional Action Plan.

The EU-LAC Foundation was entrusted with the mission of strengthening and promoting the strategic bi-regional relationship, enhancing its visibility and fostering active participation of the respective civil societies.

During the CELAC and EU Foreign Minister Meeting hold in Santo Domingo on 25th of October 2016 the Agreement to transform the Foundation into an international organisation was signed. The depositary of the Agreement establishing the EU-LAC International Foundation is the European Council and it has been opened for signature on 25th October 2016 to the date of its entry into force. Please find the Agreement available in 23 languages here


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Be part of the EU-LAC Foundation Consultation !

The EU-LAC Foundation has been facilitating the identification of objectives, instruments and projects towards the creation of a common Higher Education Area for the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. The results of this participatory process have been collected in a matrix. In order to give more opportunities to actors who have not yet contributed to this identification process, the EU-LAC Foundation launches a participatory consultation on the matrix in its current state to be completed and improved.

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Olaf Scholz – German Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor

The Installation of the EU-LAC Foundation in Hamburg is not just an answer to the political upturn of Latin America, but also takes in account the enormous potential of this region.

Cristian Heinsen- Executive Director of the Altiplano Foundation

"The EU-LAC  Foundation and its team in Hamburg  have been a harbour of ideas and motivation to bring Latin America and Europe closer, a necessary and urgent action to achieve responsible and sustainable development in our countries"

Alejandro Solano Ortiz -Vice Chancellor of the Republic of Costa Rica

Now we have provided a suitable legal framework to the Foundation which allows to continue with its coordinating work as a network of networks and to accompany states’ efforts.

Marian Schuegraf- Representative of the German Federal Foreign Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Regarding crucial issues such as ecological justice, sustainable development and free trade Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe are natural partners. We deeply appreciate, that through the Establishment of the International EU-LAC Foundation, this partnership is going to be strengthened especially between the civil society of both regions

Federica Mogherini - High Representative of the EU and Vice-President of the European Commission

The Foundation's mission is to project EU, Latin America and Caribbean people-to-people ties into the future.

Alejandro Solano Ortiz -Vice Chancellor of the Republic of Costa Rica

The endorsement and signing of the constitutive act of the EU-LAC Foundation is an example of reliable engagement to articulate efforts and strengthen capabilities.

Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

The EU–LAC Foundation can provide an important platform for mobilizing its 62 member countries from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean in implementing the new sustainable development agenda.

Internships at the EU-LAC Foundation

Applications for the internship period at the Foundation from January to March 2019 is closed.

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MAPEO is a database that allows us to identify different actors in civil society in the two regions, based on certain established parameters (thematic area, region, country, sector). 

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We regularly publish calls for tender as the need arises for consultancies and studies as well as calls for research studies.

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EU-LAC Awards

For promoting models of good practices and innovation among Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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Digital Library

The digital library contains bibliographical references and texts on topics surrounding the bi-regional relationship since the first bi-regional Summit in 1999.

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