Additional information on our members states and partners as well as different entities and academic references relevant for the bi-regional association,  were compiled in the resources: Interactive Map, Mapeo, and the Digital Library.

In the Interactive Map you can find government contact information and dates for upcoming elections for all our member states, their embassies or consulates located near to the EU-LAC Foundation’s headquarters in Hamburg, and their national libraries. In addition, all partners organisations of the EU-LAC Foundation from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean are pinned down in this map.

The main objective of Mapeo is to promote mutual knowledge between different entities (universities, research centres, non-profit organisations, international organisations, SME's, governmental entities/agencies, individual researchers and post-graduated students) from Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union. It is a tool to promote possible alliances and synergies in thematic areas relevant to the bi-regional partnership.

In the spirit of one of the Foundation's purposes of stimulating academic analysis and debate on topics of mutual interest, we established a free access Digital Library with texts and references on bi-regional issues.