Mandate Report 2020-2024: Challenges, objectives, and results

The relationship between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean has immense potential for bi-regional cooperation and interaction. It is about the link between regions with cultural and historical ties that have many common interests, and several shared values. They are, as has been said on some occasions, "the two most compatible regions" of the global chessboard. In recent decades, the nexus between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean has revolved around economic opportunities for exchange, development cooperation, culture, common platforms for political dialogue and mutual concerns for global issues, with sustainability being very important.

This report serves as a compendium of the steps taken to foster those aims, how those translated into activities and what outcomes were glanced from those. In this sense, this is a key document for both registering and also valuing the contributions made during the presidency of Leire Pajín and executive direction of Adrián Bonilla.