Report. Workshop to articulate the efforts of actors promoting the ‘Joint Initiative on Research and Innovation’ and the ‘EU-CELAC Common Space for Higher Education’

The present publication exposes the results and written contributions generated in the framework of a Workshop, implemented by the EU-LAC Foundation on 8-9 April 2024 at the Cervantes Institute, Hamburg, with the purpose of promoting an articulation between representatives of public institutions, scientific associations and networks that have been involved in the activities and meetings of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI), and/or that have worked in favour of the constitution of the EU-CELAC Common Higher Education Area, in order to make visible the role of Higher Education and the university sector in the generation of competences and knowledge required to offer solutions to the multiple crises of our times, to identify shared priorities and gaps that should be overcome in order to link ongoing processes and initiatives and explore possibilities for cooperation, and to formulate proposals that could guide cooperation between both regions in these areas.