EU-CELAC and the Economic Empowerment of Women in Dominican Republic

In recent decades, Latin America and the Caribbean have played a leading role in various international forums, where measures have been taken to decide the future of coming generations. Many of these spaces have emerged as a result of the need for nations to join efforts to solve regional problems. In the summits and meetings of these bodies, which bring together several States, important agreements have been made, which have contributed to the design and implementation of national and international public policies.

For example, the diagnosis made after the Declaration and Platform for Action (1995) on the economic, political and social rights of women in the Dominican Republic showed the existence of great inequalities. To overcome these obstacles that limit the development, and economic, political, and social empowerment of Dominican women, the Dominican State has adopted a series of laws and measures that have contributed to the development of public policies that benefit women in the Dominican Republic; thus fulfilling commitments through national and international conventions and treaties.