Webinar EU-LAC/CSUCA/OBREAL GLOBAL: "The structure, organisation and institutional management of university research"

In conditions of scarce human, material, and financial resources, how can research be organised and managed in order to generate scientific knowledge and technological solutions of quality, relevance and impact for the well-being and development of peoples and countries, while enhancing the meaningful learning of students?

This online forum was aimed at exchanging visions, experiences, good practices and proposals for regional, Central American and international collaboration in this field. It was introduced and moderated by the president of SIRCIP (Central American and Caribbean Regional System of Research and Postgraduate Studies) of CSUCA, followed by three interventions, marking different experiences in research management:

1) the University of El Salvador (UES), highlighting the dynamics of the country and the Central American region, its challenges and needs in terms of capacity building;

2) the experience of the Mimir Andino project, an Erasmus+ project coordinated by the Association of Colombian Universities (ASCUN) and OBREAL Global, which has developed a model for university management of research in Andean countries; and

3) the experience of a European regional university, the University of Extremadura in Spain, which can provide important lessons for university research and its relevance for regional development.