MAPEO is a database that gathers information from more than 1,500 public and civil society organisations that have an agenda related to the priority issues of the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean strategic partnership. It is also a digital tool that the EU-LAC International Foundation makes available to public entities and civil society actors interested in collaborating in the framework of this strategic partnership. Its purpose is to facilitate mutual knowledge and visibility of the work of different organisations in both regions, providing information on opportunities to promote projects, foster alliances and encourage cooperation, especially in the priority areas of the partnership.

In this spirit, MAPEO is also a means of communication through which the Foundation shares relevant information for the bi-regional dialogue, thus promoting the interest of the registered organisations to learn more about the opportunities and potential of such dialogue.

If your organisation belongs to one of the following categories, we invite you to register it by following the steps below. An organisation refers to a legally constituted entity or institution with legal personality.

MAPEO is updated regularly. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to put the relevant information about your organisation to date. For its part, the Foundation will contact the entities at least once a year to ensure that the information is updated and thus make of it a constantly useful tool at the service of the bi-regional partnership.

Through the search engine tool you can filter the registered entities by the subject area in which they work, the region and country in which they are located, the type of organisation, and the services they provide.