Launch "EU-LAC Women's International Network": Women as Key Actors in Climate Action and Disaster Prevention

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The EU-LAC Women's International Network projects itself as a multilevel space that includes institutions from academia, civil society, the political, journalistic, and economic spheres and is currently working in coordination with accompanying organisations. It supports the commitment of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the countries of the European Union (EU) to promote the incorporation of women at the centre of decision-making and as protagonists of policies for economic recovery and economic and social protection. Similarly, the participating organizations and women leaders adhere to the commitment to achieve the goals set by the 2030 Agenda, and to the task of advancing in the creation of spaces for discussion around affirmative actions in key sectors, such as the revitalization of the green transition and the digital transformation and innovation.

The participants of the EU-LAC Women's International Network recognise that the COVID-19 crisis can also be assumed as a window of opportunity, and therefore, the discussion of strategies to re-establish the social contract, to address inequalities, intergenerational commitments and to empower marginalised women, agents of change and guardians of nature with the capacity to transform social, community and environmental spaces is a task that corresponds to the countries of LAC and the EU.

In this sense, the event entitled EU-LAC Women as Key Actors in Climate Action and Disaster Prevention, launching the EU-LAC Women's International Network, co-organised by the EU-LAC Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), was articulated around the exchange of experiences, strategies, and innovative ideas to ensure the design and implementation of gender approaches in climate agendas, based on lessons learned in LAC and the EU and its member countries.  Thus, the space of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was an unprecedented opportunity for the two regions to consider how to promote transformative agendas and concrete actions on environmental and gender issues, especially after almost 3 decades of significant progress in commitments at the international, regional, and national levels.

To this aim, and within the framework of the EU-LAC WIN WIN Strategic Actions - EU-LAC Women as Key Actors in Climate Action, the following events will be held in May and June:

  1. Working Table N°1 (virtual): the reflection on the challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean, and the European Union regarding feminist leadership committed to climate action.
  2. Working Table N°2 (virtual): Experiences in strengthening climate resilience with a gender perspective in Latin America and the Caribbean and in the countries of the European Union
  3. Working Table 3 (virtual): Women as key actors in the governance of climate action
  4. High-Level Panel (hybrid): Presentation of results and discussion of the policy brief resulting from the working tables will be held

Access the concept note and the agenda of the event in the attachment.