Initiatives for the financing and equitable distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 in middle-income countries of LAC

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Access the EU-LAC Policy Brief on "COVID-19 Vaccines: The Global Challenge of Equitable Distribution and Access" and further event materials in the attachment.

The EU-LAC Foundation cordially invited to the EU-LAC Dialogue Sessions: "Initiatives for the financing and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in middle-income countries in Latin America and the Caribbean", which took place on 23-24 March 2021, under a virtual format.

The global context of the COVID-19 crisis reinforces the interdependence of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union with an increase in inequality and global human insecurity on both sides of the Atlantic. To cope with the pandemic, equal and fast access to safe and vaccines is necessary across the globe.

With this event, the EU-LAC Foundation aimed to provide a space for dialogue on the technical, financial and logistical challenges involved in the procurement and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The event featured presentations by leading experts from governments, international organisations and initiatives and civil society from the European Union, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Through this approach, the EU-LAC Foundation strived to stimulate the articulation of proposals on how to streamline and improve the public and public-private initiatives and instruments already developed, in order to generate a more effective and comprehensive vaccination strategy and thus strengthen the bi-regional relationship.