Inauguration Ceremony Latin American and Caribbean Herbst Festival 2023


The tenth edition of the Latin American and Caribbean Autumn Festival was officially inaugurated on September 20 at the Rathaus in Hamburg. The Festival commemorates its first decade of celebrating the rich cultural diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean in Germany through a variety of activities and events.
In his opening remarks, Dr. Andreas Dressel, Senator of Hamburg and President of the Ministry of Finance, highlighted the strong historical ties that bind Hamburg to Latin America and the Caribbean. He emphasized that this German city was one of the first to recognize Latin American independence in the early 19th century. As proof of this deep connection, he pointed out that the Festival has become an institution of cultural exchange of great relevance.


The Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, Dr. Adrian Bonilla, said that "Hamburg is part of the historical memory of the human relationship between Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. He also considered that the Autumn consists of transmitting a multicultural experience and sharing it with Hamburg and Germany.  

In addition, Dr. Ana Peña, Consul General of Peru in Hamburg, stressed the vital importance of preserving the continuity of the Festival, and highlighted the fundamental role played by the EU-LAC Foundation, describing it as "the primary driving force behind this event".

The ceremony was attended by members of the Latin American and Caribbean diplomatic corps accredited in Germany, distinguished authorities of the German government and the city of Hamburg, representatives of institutions participating in the Festival, and journalists.

Under the slogan "10 years together", the program of the Latin American and Caribbean Autumn Festival 2023 offers around 80 activities, in addition to the Ibero-American Film Week and the Latin American and Caribbean Culinary Month.