Health, Gender, and Social Determinants in Mexico, by de Keijzer

In the context of gender, the Mexican health sector has carried out some important changes in recent years. Among these are the incorporation of proposals from the feminist movement, and programs for sexual and reproductive health. Nevertheless, the system has not been able to prevent gender-linked diseases nor secure an effective right to healthcare from an equality perspective. In order to advance further, it is necessary to develop an inclusive healthcare system for both men and women. This has to be accompanied by a number of well-founded policies originating from other sectors such as the public sector, the private sector and the civil society. Read paper

Dr. Benno de Keijzer is the Coordinator of the Communication and Education in Health Area, at the Institute of Public Health, at the University of Veracruz. 

This paper was prepared for the EU-LAC Foundation Newsletter on "The Drug World Problem" of March 2016. This is a translation of the responsibility of EU-LAC Foundation; to read the original version in Spanish please follow the link.