Food Security. Challenges and Opportunities for EU-LAC Relations Open configuration options

This book addresses, from different perspectives, a long-standing but still highly topical issue: food security. One of the relevant characteristics of this book is its approach, which takes into account relations between the European Union (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This makes it possible to offer a diagnosis and a framework for cooperation, which is neither the result of improvisation nor a novelty, since it is based on the bi-regional strategic partnership, which has been a shared objective since 1999, when the first summit was held between the two partners.

This publication is intended as a contribution to cooperation on food security between the EU and LAC, by promoting dialogue between the two regions. The content is structured in two parts: in the first, and from a multidimensional perspective, it compares the situation and challenges of food security in the EU and LAC, examining the different effects of the war in Ukraine and the contribution of both regions to global agri-food production and trade. It also analyses the impacts of Chinese agricultural demand within its own borders and in South America, Australia and Cuba, to highlight the need for approaches that take into account local particularities and how these influence interactions between different regions. The second part examines food security in a geopolitical perspective and Mercosur's responses in a context of increased global demand, analysing different variables and possible food security scenarios to improve bi-regional relations between the EU and LAC.

This book was produced in the framework of the 6th Annual Call of the EU-LAC Foundation for the co-organisation of events on topics relevant to the bi-regional strategic partnership.