EU-LAC Webinars on COVID-19

This report presents a written compilation of the series of webinars organised by the EU-LAC Foundation addressing the effects of COVID-19: The EU-LAC Webinars.

The digitalized and technological world in which we find ourselves today, made this series and sharing of ideas between actors of the regions Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union possible. Nonetheless, only presenting the information in a video-audio format is limited. Therefore, this report which contains the six compiled webinars in written form has been created. Through giving access to a new and permanent source of information, its outreach is furthermore amplified. This offers the opportunity to a greater public, to critically comment and engage in the covered topics.

In this sense, it is in the interest and thus an objective of the Foundation to “encourage further mutual knowledge and understanding between both regions” and to “foster fruitful exchanges and new networking opportunities among civil society and other social actors”. The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic are overwhelming for both regions, but they are also an opportunity to further develop the strategic partnership between the regions EU-LAC.

This report is based on the six webinars that took place from 27th April until 15th June. The videos are in total length available on the EU-LAC Foundation’s website. The report is organized in six different chapters, each reflecting the content of one webinar. Nonetheless, the content is not organized among the original structure of the webinars and the individual presentations, but according to umbrella topics which have been discussed among the panelists.

The EU-LAC Foundation very much appreciates the work of its interns Andressa Timm Bauer, Brazilian master student and DAAD scholarship holder of Democratic Governance and Civil Society at the University of Osnabrück, and Laura Sophie Thoma, German bachelor graduate of Cultural Studies and Political Science at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, for the careful listening of the webinars, the content’s compilation, and writing of the final report.

Adrián Bonilla

Executive Director