LAC Herbst

The EU-LAC Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its Design Competition to find the official image of the upcoming Latin American and Caribbean Fall festival. The event, which takes place every year during the autumn months in the city of Hamburg, Germany, celebrates the cultural, artistic and musical diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Objectives of the competition:

- To create an innovative and attractive image that captures the essence of the Latin American and Caribbean Fall festival, now in its eleventh edition.
First organised in 2014, the Latin American and Caribbean Fall aims to increase the visibility and understanding of Latin American and Caribbean cultures in Hamburg through a rich programme of cultural activities. The festival is an initiative of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, together with the Latin American and Caribbean Consulates accredited in the city and the Instituto Cervantes. Since 2017, it is coordinated by the EU-LAC Foundation.

Theme of the 2024 edition:

In its eleventh edition, the festival aims to celebrate the collaborative efforts that have historically brought Latin Americans, Caribbeans, Germans and Europeans together. The theme, "Hamburg, Latin America and the Caribbean: over 100 years of shared history", highlights the enduring connections forged through maritime trade, particularly in commodities such as saltpetre. In addition, the festival aims to recognise the multitude of relationships, trade connections and joint projects that have developed over the years between these regions. The theme also resonates with the centenary celebrations of the Hamburg "Chilehaus". In this way, the Latin American and Caribbean Fall festival consolidates its role as a platform for deepening the cultural exchange, history and appreciation between this German city and the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to nationals of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. Graphic designers, visual artists, design students and any creative person, professional or amateur, with a passion for Latin America and the Caribbean are invited to participate.

Proposal requirements:

Participants must design a festival poster proposal, which should be inspired by this year's theme "Hamburg, Latin America and the Caribbean: over 100 years of shared history" and meet the following requirements:
- Originality and creativity
- Use of a vibrant colour palette
- Ease of reproduction in a variety of formats and sizes (The winning design must conform to the formats and promotional products specified at the end of this call for entries).
- Use one of the official languages of the festival: Spanish, German, English (The winning entry must be translated into the other two languages).
Information to be included in the design:
- Name and logo of the festival
- Duration of the festival: 2 September - 15 November 2024
- Tag: #LACHerbst
- festival account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @lacherbst
- festival website:   
- The logos of the EU-LAC Foundation, the City of Hamburg and the Instituto Cervantes

Submission of proposals: 

Send your poster proposal in digital format together with a copy of your official ID by 7 April 2024 to with the subject "LAC Herbst Poster".


The winner will receive official recognition together with a prize of €500. Their design will be the official image of the festival, and the poster will be distributed throughout the city of Hamburg, as well as being used on the festival's social media.

Winning design:

The winner will be contacted by email.
The EU-LAC Foundation, as coordinator of the festival, may request adjustments to the winning design.
The winning entry must be adapted to landscape and vertical format in the following sizes: A6, A4, A1, 50x15cm, and other as required. The designer must share the graphic elements of the poster in png.
Based on the poster, the winner must develop templates in Canva for the festival programme, and generic post of the events in social networks; as well as a photo-call of the festival.