Competitiveness Is Key

Francisco Rivadeneira, at the time of publication, was Minister of International Trade of the Republic of Ecuador. This paper was prepared for the EU-LAC Foundation Newsletter of June 2014 dedicated to SMEs.

What do we mean by increased capabilities? Small and medium enterprises typically possess a strong knowledge of their local, perhaps even regional, sectors, their necessities and what they need to do in order to meet the demands of their target community. With regard to international markets, however, many businesses lack the capabilities and personnel to become directly involved. The task of researching market demands and creating export plans designed for target areas can be daunting, and many questions must be asked and answered in order to be a successful exporter; how much do I need to produce to meet the demands of my target market? What legal and administrative procedures do I need to complete in order to become a certified exporter? What are the trade and non-trade barriers (sanitary regulations, etc.) I may face when exporting to a target market? Read paper.