Youth Employment

Marianne Thyssen is the European Commissioner for the Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility for the years 2014-2019. She takes part in several Project teams including the topics about the jobs, Social Dialogue, Human Resources, Interinstitutional Affairs and many more.

This paper is a contribution to March 2015 edition of the EU- LAC Foundation on Youth Employment.

For Europe, tackling unemployment, and especially youth unemployment, is a matter of principle. It is about ensuring political, economic and social stability and progress. This is clearly reflected in the priorities of the new European Commission, which has put at the core of its agenda quality jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change.

Economic growth and confidence are now returning in Europe and employment has also started to recover, extending to all population groups, and to involve more permanent and full-time jobs. These positive signs are a confirmation of the need to accelerate and intensify our efforts, as the employment and social challenges remain. (read paper)