Webinar: "Gender, Urbanism and Public Policy"

Today the second webinar of the series 'Women in Movement' took place, dedicated to 'Gender, Urbanism and Public Policy'. The seminar was co-organised by the Institut des Amériques, Agence Francaise de Développement, the Ministère de l'Europe et des affaires étrangères and the EU-LAC Foundation and was moderated and coordinated by Diana Burgos-Vigna, professor of Latin American studies (Université Paris Nanterre). Among the speakers were Claire Hancock, Professor of Geography (LAB'URBA, Université Paris Est- Créteil), Zaida Muxí, Architect and Professor, Barcelona School of Architecture, Patricia Retamal Garrido, Co-founder of Ciudad Feminista and Professor of History and Geography (University of Chile) and Horacio Terraza, Urban Development Expert, World Bank. 

The panelists highlighted the need for inclusive, intersectional, accessible and safe public urban spaces as well as the right to the city with a gendered perspective.