UNGASS 2016 and the Need to Reform Policies Against Drugs – a FES project, by Niño

Latin America has perhaps been the region most affected by both drug trafficking and the very policies implemented to address it. It has therefore the experience and moral authority to lead the global debate about the need for national and international public policy alternatives. The formulation of policies against drugs must be based on scientific evidence and take into consideration the differences between the substances consumed and their effects on both consumers and their social environment. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation has been fostering dialogue about alternative positions in terms of drug policies on both the Latin American and German agendas. Decisions do not only include a national perspective of public health but also one of international cooperation with Latin American countries. Read paper

Catalina Niño is the Director of the Cooperation Programme on Regional Segurity of the German foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Colombia.

This paper was prepared for the EU-LAC Foundation Newsletter on "The Drug World Problem" of March 2016. This is a translation of the responsibility of the EU-LAC Foundation; to read the original version in Spanish, please follow the link here.