Third Workshop of the Latin American Society for Bee Research (SOLATINA 2021)

In 2017, the Latin American Society for Bee Research SoLaTinA was founded, comprising 240 researchers from 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has worked through its members in cooperation with COLOSS, Honey Bee Research Association, an international association based in Bern, Switzerland that brings together most of the countries of the European Union and Northern Hemisphere to strengthen capacities and contribute to scientific and technological knowledge to generate knowledge of the situation of honey bees worldwide, help the conservation of bees and contribute to sustainability.

Under the activity, a series of talks and workshops will be held among Solatina members on 22-23 September, followed by a joint activity with COLOSS on 24 September including researchers from all over the world. The workshop will aim to generate updating and discussion days regarding the effects of climate change on the sustainability of beekeeping and its relationship with the rates of hive losses recorded in both regions, seeking to learn from mutual experience from different approaches, both for beekeeping and meliponiculture in our region.

The activity aims to strengthen the link between researchers from Latin American and Caribbean countries and researchers from the European Union for the discussion and transfer of knowledge related to the sustainability of beekeeping in processes of environmental change and the challenges to cope with climate change.

The Workshop will discuss the progress achieved and new strategies for collaboration in the prioritised thematic areas on which work is being carried out. The Workshop will be organised in Commissions representing the priority thematic areas of study and will cover: Bee Diversity and Biology, Impact of agrochemicals and other agricultural practices on bee health, Pests and Pathogens affecting bees, Products, services and value addition, Monitoring of hive losses.

This activity was selected in the framework of the Third Annual Call for co-financing of events on topics relevant to the EU-LAC bi-regional partnership between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean 2020 of the EU-LAC Foundation.

Further details will be announced in due course.