Testimonials from former interns

Interns 2024

Maria Vitória Catharino (Brasil)
Maria Vitória Catharino
January - April 2024
Working as an intern at the EU-LAC Foundation was an incredible experience and also a great privilege as I was able to closely follow some of the team's activities in developing the extensive bi-regional relations. From day one, I felt welcomed by the staff and well guided into the projects. I can highly recommend this internship to all students interested in bringing Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe closer!

Interns 2023

Lucie Gaildraud
Lucie Gaildraud (France)
Intern January-April 2023
"Being part of the EU LAC Foundation team for 3 months has been a unique opportunity for my professional future. As well as being able to understand the functioning of an international organisation, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the bi-regional relationship between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean. Being part of the Foundation's team means being involved in a multitude of different tasks from conception of an activity to its implementation and follow-up. Finally, the bonus of this experience is the opportunity to meet unique people that make the EU_LAC experience even more enriching."
Yaritza Hernández (Cuba)
Intern January-April 2023
"The internship at the EU-LAC Foundation is ideal to get to know first-hand the functioning of an international organisation; in this case with a close team, with colleagues of various nationalities. Interns are 100% included in the work dynamics, so we really have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the Foundation's objective of strengthening and making visible the relationship between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean. Personally, these three months I have been supporting the Communication Programme, in terms of social media management, the website and in general the visibility actions of the Foundation; and also assisting in the organisation of events such as the II EU-LAC Journalists Forum. It has been an opportunity to apply previous academic and professional experiences, and especially to enrich that knowledge. I would definitely recommend applying to the EU-LAC Foundation internship programme."
Carolayn Kuan (Peru)
Intern July-September 2023
"The EU-LAC Foundation felt like Latin America was recreated in Hamburg. There, I always felt at home surrounded by incredible professionals and caring friends".
María José Quirola (Ecuador)
Intern July-September 2023
"The EU-LAC Foundation is a working space where cultural exchange is encouraged. Being part of the internship programme allowed me to have a transversal perspective on the organization’s lines of action, but also taking part in a working place that fosters diversity".
María Alejandra Cáceres (México)
Intern July-September 2023
"Working at the EU-LAC Foundation was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. The learnings, both professionally and personally, are invaluable. This is definitely an experience I would recommend to others".
Daniel Calero
Daniel Calero (Ecuador)
October - December 2023
"My experience as an intern at the EU LAC Foundation in Hamburg was enriching, as I gained valuable insights from the diverse range of tasks within the Foundation. Engaging directly with stakeholders presented challenges that not only taught me how to manage such interactions but also allowed me to thrive under pressure. The multi-project nature of the Foundation posed a challenge in keeping track of all aspects of my internship, fostering the development of strong multitasking skills. In summary, I found the overall experience positive and rewarding".

Interns 2022

Chloé Daval (Francia)
Chloé Daval (France)
Intern September-December 2022
"Being my first internship, I have gained a lot of professional experience which will be key to my career as I wish to work in international organisations and promote the bi-regional relationship. Nevertheless, the biggest impact this internship had on me is at the personal level. I have entered a new family and made friendships I value a lot. For both reasons and many more, I am so so grateful and cannot thank you enough for this time I have spent at the Foundation."
Ana Lucía Vidaurre (Bolivia)
Ana Lucía Vidaurre (Bolivia)
Intern September-December 2022
"The EU-LAC Foundation has given me the opportunity to work in an international organisation in Germany - Hamburg. I strengthened my knowledge about the bi-regional relationship between Latin America and the Caribbean and the EU and I learned from the professionals experienced in the field. It has been an inspiring and challenging experience to work in a multicultural environment. I am also very grateful to the Foundation for being able to participate in the III EU-LAC Youth Day, where I was able to express my voice as a young Latin-American professional."
Francesco Tabarrini (Italia)
Francesco Tabarrini (Italy)
Intern September-December 2022
"Being part of the EU-LAC Foundation traineeship programme has been a great personal and professional growth experience for me as I believe I have learnt a lot from a multicultural, stimulating and dynamic work environment."
Martina Morgado (Chile)
Martina Morgado (Chile)
Intern September-December 2022
"My time at the EU-LAC Foundation definitely marked a before and after in my life. I met a united and thoughtful team, committed to bringing Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union closer together, moving towards the same objectives. I also met my fellow interns who became my friends, and who I know will always be with me."
Marina Rosignoli (Brasil y Italia)
Marina Rosignoli (Brazil and Italy)
Intern June-September 2022
"In EU-LAC I was able to put into practice my undergraduate studies and also learn a lot with my coworkers that were always open to conversations related to the Foundation's affairs but also on general topics. Besides that, I was able to make friendships that I am pretty sure will be part of my whole life. Being in Hamburg, such a diverse city with many possibilities enabled me to get out of my comfort zone. EU-LAC will always be part of my story since I am committed to continuing to connect Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe."
Karlijn Loeven (Países Bajos)
Karlijn Loeven (The Netherlands)
Intern June-September 2022
"During my experience with the EU-LAC Foundation, I gained a better understanding of the relations between the EU and Latin America and I worked for the first time in Spanish! I feel so grateful to have been part of a team with people dedicated to contributing to improving the relations between the EU and LAC."
Inés Alberico (Argentina y Italia)
Inés Alberico (Argentina and Italy)
Intern June-September 2022
"The most gratifying thing was to be able to see the result of my support to the organization of the "Latin American and Caribbean Fall" Festival, conceived by the Hamburg Senate to increase the visibility of the Latin American and Caribbean community in the city and to foster exchange. As a migrant with Latin American and European roots, it was very satisfying to contribute to the cooperation between both regions."
Alejandra Ramírez (Colombia)
Alejandra Ramírez (Colombia)
Intern June-September 2022
"Being part of the EU-LAC Foundation team has been an honour and a great privilege, which has given me the unique opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn about the workings of an international organisation. The accompaniment of an amazing, multicultural and internationalist team has been very stimulating and formative. This has been an inspiring experience both professionally and personally from which I have learned a lot. I am grateful for being part of this internship cycle and especially for all the feedback, accountability and trust my mentors and colleagues at the EU-LAC Foundation have placed in our work."
Bahía Gatti,(Argentina e Italia)
Bahía Gatti (Argentina and Italy)
Intern April-June 2022
"The EU-LAC Foundation has given me a first impression of working in an international organisation, allowing me to contribute to bi-regional cooperation and promote equity between the two regions. One of the highlights of the experience is the possibility to live in Hamburg, Germany, and work in a multicultural environment!"
Joana Domingos (Portugal)
Joana Domingos (Portugal)
Intern April-June 2022
"My experience as an intern at the EU-LAC Foundation was very enriching considering the bi-regional relation and cooperation. The EU-LAC Foundation's team is the representation of its core and it's definitely somewhere everyone would be grateful to join and be welcomed into."
Inés Hermoso (Spain)
Intern April-June 2022
"Being an intern at the EU-LAC Foundation for me has meant a first step in the professional world of international relations. I have acquired lessons that I will apply wherever life takes me, both professionally and personally. But, above all, I am taking friends that I will always remember."
Marie Ollivier (France)
Marie Ollivier (France)
Intern April-June 2022
"My internship at the EU-LAC Foundation was a very enriching experience. I learned a lot in this international organization, both professionally and personally. I am delighted to have been able to participate in strengthening relations between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean."
Ilenia Vasquez (Italia y Colombia)
Ilenia Vasquez (Italy and Colombia)
Intern January-March 2022
"My internship at the EU-LAC Foundation has exceeded my expectations in many ways: since the very beginning I have felt welcomed by the Team, both personally and professionally, and I have had the chance to work closely and learn from colleagues that have great work experience and human qualities. I had the opportunity to see closely how an international organisation works, and to learn new skills that will surely be useful throughout my career. Working at the EU-LAC Foundation has made it very clear to me that this is the career I want to keep on pursuing, and for that I am very grateful."
David Gómez, Perú
David Gómez (Peru)
Intern January-March 2022
"My time as an intern at the EU-LAC Foundation far exceeded my initial expectations both on a professional and human level. I was able to collaborate with the materialisation of the positive effects that bi-regional integration has for people, hand in hand with a first class team committed to their work. The topics I focused on will undoubtedly be very useful in my work as a professional and I can't wait to be able to put everything I have learned here into practice. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I invite all those young people who aspire to be better in order to serve better to apply."
Marleen Schneider (Alemania)
Marleen Schneider (Germany)
Intern January-March 2022
"My internship at the EU-LAC Foundation has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, it has challenged me and it has taught me a lot. I especially enjoyed working on the organisation of the Launch of the EU-LAC Women's International Network and its strategic line of action on women as key actors in climate action. What makes my time at the EU-LAC Foundation so valuable to me, apart from the lessons learned and professional achievements, is the Team of the Foundation. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to spend three months working with and learning from this incredible Team."
Francisco López, Colombia
Francisco López (Colombia)
Intern January-March 2022
"The internship at the EU-LAC Foundation will help you grow in many different ways and layers. First of all, you will learn a lot from your fellow colleagues, who are incredibly good at their work. Likewise, you will be learning by doing, as you organise many interesting and pertinent projects along with other exciting organisations. And, more importantly, due to the small size of the Foundation, you get to contribute and co-create in a very impactful manner. All this in the best possible work environment, and in the very pretty, vibrant, and young city of Hamburg."

Interns 2021

Felipe Minhoni (Brasil e Italia)
Felipe Minhoni (Brazil and Italy)
Intern September - December 2021
"I feel grateful and honored for having joined the team of the EU-LAC Foundation given its precious contribution to my home region. Particularly, the experience hosting the Board of Governors meeting in Hamburg (November, 2021) has provided me with a very close insight to the diplomatic realm of Europe and Latin America."
Adela Toscano (España)
Adela Toscano (Spain)
Intern September - December 2021
"Being part of the EU-LAC Foundation during these three months has been a very enriching experience that has given me valuable tools to continue my professional development. It has been a privilege to participate in its vital work of building bridges between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean and creating bi-regional networks of diverse actors such as governments, civil society or the private sector. I sincerely thank all the members of this multicultural and committed team with high-human qualities for giving me this incredible opportunity."
Simón Ladino, Colombia
Simón Ladino (Colombia)
Intern September - December 2021
"Working at the EU-LAC Foundation was an honour and a privilege. On the one hand, getting first-hand insight into the day-to-day workings of an international organisation and contributing to its activities was a highly rewarding experience. Both on a personal and professional level, the lessons learned were valuable and manifold. On the other hand, finding a friendly and fraternal team and work environment committed to the Foundation's mission was a great pleasure. Considering the above, today I can affirm that the internship allowed me to strengthen my career in Europe without ever losing the emotional and cultural connection with Latin America."
Geraldine Meyer, Colombia
Geraldine Meyer (Colombia)
Intern July-September 2021
"Being part of the EU-LAC Foundation was for me a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the functioning of an international organisation and the management of bi-regional relations between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Witnessing the hard work of a committed, competent, and multicultural team - and all that they can accomplish - has been an enriching and exciting experience that has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I am immensely grateful to the entire EU-LAC Foundation team for this experience, for all their support, and invaluable guidance."
Vitória dos Santos Acerbi, Brasil,
Lea Reinhardt (Germany)
Intern April-June 2021
"The internship at the EU-LAC International Foundation was a very enriching experience both professionally and personally. It allowed me to learn more about the area of bi-regional relations and the importance of the bi-regional strategic partnership between Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union, as well as to gain insights into the work of an international organisation. The tasks during my internship and the work in an intercultural and multilingual environment made me grow and improve my skills. I would like to thank the team of the Foundation for this important experience, their support and their good vibes."

Interns 2020

Sophie Vey, Alemania
Sophie Vey (Germany)
Intern October-December 2020
"Through the internship, I gained valuable insight into the work of an international organisation and an even greater understanding of the importance of bi-regional partnership efforts in times of global crises. I would like to thank the whole team for their support and enriching collaboration!"
Paula Balado (España)
Paula Balado (Spain)
Intern October-December 2020
"My time at the EU-LAC Foundation has been a process of continuous learning, which has allowed me to grow personally and academically in a multicultural and highly motivated environment."

Interns 2019

Alex Díaz chileno
Alex Díaz (Chile)
Intern April-June 2019
“Thanks to the cooperation agreement signed between the “International Studies Institute” of the University of Chile and the EU-LAC Foundation, I was able to come to Hamburg and gained newfound knowledge. I discovered how to fulfil tasks that may be relevant to my professional career, and certainly, I succeeded strengthening my knowledge on the bi-regional Strategic Partnership being part of a recently established International Organisation. Likewise, it was an opportunity to test out all the skills I had developed, being able to recognise my biggest strengths and also the areas of improvement I should work on.”

Interns 2016

Montserrat Koloffon (Mexico)
Intern October – December 2016
"Humanity has always achieved the most positive things when finding common interests and working together. New global challenges are increasing the importance of finding compromises and reaching consensus internationally. More than ever before, we need solutions to problems that do not mind about the imaginary lines we have set as borders to divide the world in sovereign states.

Being an intern at the EU-LAC Foundation gives you the possibility to participate in the process of bringing two world regions together to strengthen their similarities and collaborate in various different areas. In my experience, I was able to carry out important tasks and had the freedom to find the best way to deliver results. I also witnessed first hand how multilateral cooperation works and the potential of this type of efforts for the future.

Although it is still a rather small organization, I am sure the EU-LAC Foundation has a big promising future given the relevance of the work it does. I hope many more students get to know it and find the value in it, just as I did."

Interns 2015

Luis Cecchi (Argentina and Italia)
Intern August – September 2015
"I have great memories of my time at the EU-LAC Foundation. It allowed me to get to know the European Union ́s organizational structure and its existing policies, in particular those related to Latin America and the Caribbean. During my stay at the Foundation, I have deepened my knowledge on the historical development of the bi-regional relations and I have participated in the preparation of different working documents for meetings related to the CELAC-EU Summit that took place in Brussels in 2015. In a pleasant and intercultural work environment, I have been able to take part of the Foundation ́s various programs, working especially on issues related to bi-regional urban policies and the industrial maps of Latin America and the Caribbean project. The EU-LAC Foundation is an ideal place to work on the bi-regional relations between Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe. The experience has been also very important for my overall experience as a public policy consultant."

Interns 2014

Patrick Polonec (Slovakia)
Intern February - April 2014
"During my stay at the Foundation I was able to participate in a very wide range of activities: research, preparation of summaries and analysis of Euro-Latin American issues, organisation of events, communication with suppliers and external collaborators and much more. Along with being able to collaborate in such diverse activities, I greatly appreciated the environment of respect, equality and kindness within the Foundation. Even though we all had a significant workload, more than in a team, I felt like in a family. "