Testimonials from former interns

"Through the internship, I gained valuable insight into the work of an international organisation and an even greater understanding of the importance of bi-regional partnership efforts in times of global crises. I would like to thank the whole team for their support and enriching collaboration!" 

Sophie Vey, Germany, intern Oct.-Dec. 2020

"My time at the EU-LAC Foundation has been a process of continuous learning, which has allowed me to grow personally and academically in a multicultural and highly motivated environment."
Paula Balado (Spain), Oct-Dec intern. 2020

“Thanks to the cooperation agreement signed between the “International Studies Institute” of the University of Chile and the EU-LAC Foundation, I was able to come to Hamburg and gained newfound knowledge. I discovered how to fulfil tasks that may be relevant to my professional career, and certainly, I succeeded strengthening my knowledge on the bi-regional Strategic Partnership being part of a recently established International Organisation. Likewise, it was an opportunity to test out all the skills I had developed, being able to recognise my biggest strengths and also the areas of improvement I should work on”

Alex Díaz Chilean, intern April-June 2019  

"I have great memories of my time at the EU-LAC Foundation. It allowed me to get to know the European Union ́s organizational structure and its existing policies, in particular those related to Latin America and the Caribbean. During my stay at the Foundation, I have deepened my knowledge on the historical development of the bi-regional relations and I have participated in the preparation of different working documents for meetings related to the CELAC-EU Summit that took place in Brussels in 2015. In a pleasant and intercultural work environment, I have been able to take part of the Foundation ́s various programs, working especially on issues related to bi-regional urban policies and the industrial maps of Latin America and the Caribbean project. The EU-LAC Foundation is an ideal place to work on the bi-regional relations between Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe. The experience has been also very important for my overall experience as a public policy consultant".  

Luis Cecchi Argentinian and Italian, intern August – September 2015  

"During my stay at the Foundation I was able to participate in a very wide range of activities: research, preparation of summaries and analysis of Euro-Latin American issues, organisation of events, communication with suppliers and external collaborators and much more. Along with being able to collaborate in such diverse activities, I greatly appreciated the environment of respect, equality and kindness within the Foundation. Even though we all had a significant workload, more than in a team, I felt like in a family. "

Patrick Polonec Slovenian, intern February - April 2014 

"Humanity has always achieved the most positive things when finding common interests and working together. New global challenges are increasing the importance of finding compromises and reaching consensus internationally. More than ever before, we need solutions to problems that do not mind about the imaginary lines we have set as borders to divide the world in sovereign states.

Being an intern at the EU-LAC Foundation gives you the possibility to participate in the process of bringing two world regions together to strengthen their similarities and collaborate in various different areas. In my experience, I was able to carry out important tasks and had the freedom to find the best way to deliver results. I also witnessed first hand how multilateral cooperation works and the potential of this type of efforts for the future.

Although it is still a rather small organization, I am sure the EU-LAC Foundation has a big promising future given the relevance of the work it does. I hope many more students get to know it and find the value in it, just as I did."

Montserrat Koloffon Mexican, intern October – December 2016