Testimonials from former interns

"The internship at the EU-LAC International Foundation was a very enriching experience both professionally and personally. It allowed me to learn more about the area of bi-regional relations and the importance of the bi-regional strategic partnership between Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union, as well as to gain insights into the work of an international organisation. The tasks during my internship and the work in an intercultural and multilingual environment made me grow and improve my skills. I would like to thank the team of the Foundation for this important experience, their support and their good vibes." 

Lea Reinhardt, Germany, intern April-June 2021

"During the internship at the EU-LAC Foundation, the work was intense and varied, giving me the opportunity to learn how to do important tasks as well as to learn about regions and issues that had not been my focus of study thus far. Additionally, I had the chance to understand and experience how an international organisation and the bi-regional association work from the inside, by observing and assisting in distinct everyday tasks,  programme management processes and relations with Member States. I highly recommend the EU-LAC internship programme to any IR student interested in having a rewarding and enriching introduction to this kind of workplace, under the supervision of a very attentive and extremely competent team."

Vitória dos Santos Acerbi, Brazil, intern April-June 2021

"Through the internship, I gained valuable insight into the work of an international organisation and an even greater understanding of the importance of bi-regional partnership efforts in times of global crises. I would like to thank the whole team for their support and enriching collaboration!" 

Sophie Vey, Germanyintern Oct.-Dec. 2020

"My time at the EU-LAC Foundation has been a process of continuous learning, which has allowed me to grow personally and academically in a multicultural and highly motivated environment."
Paula Balado (Spain), Oct-Dec intern. 2020

“Thanks to the cooperation agreement signed between the “International Studies Institute” of the University of Chile and the EU-LAC Foundation, I was able to come to Hamburg and gained newfound knowledge. I discovered how to fulfil tasks that may be relevant to my professional career, and certainly, I succeeded strengthening my knowledge on the bi-regional Strategic Partnership being part of a recently established International Organisation. Likewise, it was an opportunity to test out all the skills I had developed, being able to recognise my biggest strengths and also the areas of improvement I should work on”

Alex Díaz Chilean, intern April-June 2019