Sustainable Development Goals: an opportunity to strengthen CELAC-EU cooperation on Climate Change, by Juan Llanes-Regueiro

The vision of development that emerged after the Second World War, an era of unprecedented increased prosperity, concealed the fact that that prosperity was essentially based on the kinetic energy of fossil reserves. The concept of development has been modified in terms of its aims given that, without any doubt, economic growth is not a sufficient end in itself. The Agenda for Development after 2015 must consider devising an agreement to halt or at least to reduce emissions. (Read paper)

Juan Llanes-Regueiro is the Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the University of Havana and the coordinator of various mitigation studies in Cuba. He has collaborated with ECLAC in several studies on “The economics of climate change for the Caribbean Region” and the impact of climate change on water resources; he is the leading author of the Fourth and Fifth IPCC Assessment Reports. In 2007 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with other scientists for their contributions to IPCC.