A Strong Coalition Between the EU and CELAC Will Essentially Contribute to Drug Policy Renewal, by Apostolou

The recent legislative initiatives in drug policy in several Latin American countries are subject of public discussion and a source of inspiration and hope for the needed reforms in drug law and the change of approach to the drugs phenomenon. The countries in South East Europe face similar problems as the Latin American Countries. A unanimous coalition between the EU and CELAC on this question of strategic importance will be a big step forward. The EU and CELAC could strengthen this co-operation with the NGOs and the scientific community by creating more possibilities for joint dialogues, exchange views and experiences. The UNGASS must recognise that new ways to approach the drugs issue are not against international co-operation and international agreements, but a call to amend and correct the provisions that constitute an obstacle for the establishment of a more humane and effective drug policy. Read Paper

Thanasis Apostolou is since 2010 the Director of the Association Diogenis, Drug policy Dialogue in South East Europe, based in Athens, Greece. He has recently taken office as President of the Board of the Drug Policy Network in South East Europe (DPNSEE), an umbrella organisation of NGOs from 10 countries in Southern Europe.

This paper was prepared for the EU-LAC Foundation Newsletter on "The Drug World Problem" of March 2016.