Strengthening EU-LAC Cooperation: Sharing Experiences for Present and Future Developments

The publication “Strengthening EU-LAC Cooperation: Sharing Experiences for Present and Future Developments” was edited by the LACalytics programme of the Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations (IFAIR e.V.). The publication was presented on October 23rd, 2018 during the closing session of the LACalytics conference in Hamburg, Germany.

The EU-LAC Foundation supported the LACalytics programme through funds from the German Federal Foreign Ministry, which also supported the initiative with the direct patronage of the Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ambassador Marian Schuegraf.

The initiative started off with a Call for Papers from IFAIR through the LACalytics initiative, directed to students, recently graduated researchers and young professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the European Union. Their publication pursues to increase the understanding between the two regions and to raise young people’s impact on foreign policy-making.

The call for the second edition of LACalytics was quite successful: over 260 applications were received from 40 countries – an increase of 30% compared to the first LACalytics call.

44 applicants from 16 countries (10 LAC and 6 EU) were selected as authors of LACalytics 2018 and were matched in bi-regional pairs. The focus of the project this year was on strengthening bi-regional cooperation through the identification of experiences and issues that both regions deal with, and how they have approached them.

The articles cover five thematic fields: economics; politics; environment; civil society and culture; and science, technology and innovation. The 12 best articles were selected, and appear in this edition of LACalytics 2018. 

The publication is available in English and Spanish