Selection of Proposals of the Call for Case Studies on Vocational Education and Training

The EU-LAC Foundation and the EUROsociAL+ Programme have notified the candidates selected for the call on "Best Practices and Lessons Learned on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union".

96 proposals were received, among which there was a significant number of proposals of excellent quality. However, in line with the Terms of Reference of the call, the following 11 proposals have been selected:

Argentina: The experience of professional training of young people in a situation of confinement, presented by Ms. Mónica Graciela Sladogna, from the Center for Metropolitan Studies (CEM)

Bolivia: Municipal Workshop School of the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz, Bolivia, presented by Ms. Eliana Arauco.

Brazil: Employability program for vulnerable youth, presented by Mr. Valdinei Valério da Silva, of the National Network of Learning, Social Promotion and Integration (Renapsi).

Chile: The linking of labour profiles in the design of Professional Technical Training programs, an articulation experience for innovation, relevance and labour mobility of the people, presented by Ms. Pabla Ávila Fernández and Ms. Carolina González Arriagada, of ChileValora.

Colombia: Impact of the Tecnoacademia Node Manizales of the National Learning Service (SENA) in the Integral Vocational Training of young people of educational institutions, presented by Mr. Manuel Guillermo Vargas Silva, Leader of the Tecnoacademia Program Headquarters Manizales of the National Learning Service (SENA).

Spain: Young Value. Learning by working, presented by Ms. Núria Valls Carol, General Director of the Esplai Foundation; and Ms. Isabel Santero Sánchez, Head of Training and Projects, Center d'Estudis de l'Esplai.

Spain: Implementation of Bankia Dual Vocational Training, proposed by Ms. Mercedes Chacón Delgado, Director of the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training.

Italy: A bridge between two worlds: work and training. The ADAPT Case. Presented by Ms. Silvia Fernández Martínez, Researcher Fondazione ADAPT; and Mr. Michele Tiraboschi, Fondazione ADAPT Scientific Coordinator.

Paraguay: Learning by doing, selling and winning. Presented by Mr. Martin Burt, CEO of Fundación Paraguaya.

Peru: The cooperation of entrepreneurs with the dual apprenticeship program of the National Industrial Work Training Service (SENATI) and its institutional development in Peru, proposal by Mr. Eleazar Enrique Angles Sánchez, PhD student at the Technische Universität Berlin, and Former GIZ Capacity Development Consultant.

Dominican Republic: Curricular innovations and quality improvement in Professional Technical Education of the Dominican Republic, proposal by Ms. Mercedes María Matrillé, Director of Technical-Professional Education, Ministry of Education.

The selected applicants will elaborate a more detailed version of the case studies, which will be systematized and published by the EU-LAC Foundation and the EUROsociAL+ Programme.

The EU-LAC Foundation and the EUROsociAL+ Programme thank all the institutions and people who participated in the Call, regretting that other proposals of great value and merit could not be selected for a more in-depth study.