Second Climate and Sustainable Finance Week

The world is experiencing multiple crises that threaten the survival of populations, ecosystems and, in general, the livelihoods that allow us to live on planet Earth. Therefore if there today there’s something that should unite us as humanity, it is to address the climate change that threatens these livelihoods. We are immersed in institutional inertia that has not allowed us to address the problem structurally, and this situation has been aggravated in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which today requires us to achieve a transformative, just, and sustainable recovery in the region. While there are countries that have understood the necessary coherence between environmental, social, and economic policies at both national and local levels, there are still many challenges in understanding the systemic nature of the climate crisis and making the required transformations to address it.

The “Semana de Financiamiento Climático y Sostenible edición 2021” (#SFCLAC2021) took place from the 4th to the 8th of October 2021, and it was attended by around 100 panellists, moderators, and masters of ceremony, bringing together leaders and experts from various fields to identify good practices, opportunities for mobilising and managing finance to effectively address the climate crisis in the context of the pandemic. 

This report aims to present the results of this multi-stakeholder exchange, identifying areas of opportunity to accelerate the mobilisation, access, and management of funding, always seeking to promote transparency and a transformative vision of financing to promote gender mainstreaming and the respect of human rights, especially those of indigenous populations, children, and youth.