Policy Brief "Multilateralism and Bi-regional Partnership Between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean"

Within the framework of the European Union (EU) -Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) bi-regional partnership and by virtue of the recent joint communiqué issued by both blocs, this paper analyses the challenges and opportunities of the relationship in the current context marked by the COVID-19 crisis. We analyse the policy alternatives and opportunities of the partnership in terms of economic and trade relations, international development cooperation, the demands of LAC for debt relief, the crossroads of Middle-Income Countries and the alternatives articulated from both regions to move towards a multidimensional understanding of development. We also offer recommendations to achieve – thanks to the bi-regional partnership – a greater role for LAC in the agendas of world governance and global public goods based on a renewed multilateralism. We conclude with the identification of strategies and proposals to better channel the LAC agenda for development at the bi-regional level.