Poland Ratifies the Agreement that Transforms the EU-LAC Foundation into an International Organisation

Poland is the twelfth Member to ratify the agreement that transforms the EU-LAC Foundation into an international organisation and the ninth EU Member State to do so.

Poland is eager to strengthen its relations with Latin America and the Caribbean through the bi-regional Strategic Partnership. This commitment is signalled, inter alia, by the ratification of the Foundation’s constitutive agreement, which contributes to strengthening it as an instrument of this partnership. 

The threshold for entry into force of the Agreement is eight ratifications from each region. The EU-LAC Foundation has been operating with a transitory status under German civil law since November 2011, yet the swift ratification of the Agreement will allow it to be recognised as a genuine bi-regional organisation and be better equipped for the fulfilment of its ambitious mandate.


Chopin Monument at Łazienki Park, Warsaw