The Paths to an enhanced EU-LAC Partnership in the context of the U.S.-China Rivalry

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The U.S.-China strategic rivalry has become a significant factor influencing international relations. The U.S. always has been strongly present politically and economically in the LAC region and is a key EU partner in security. China has been dynamically expanding economically, especially in the last decade, becoming a top trading and investment partner for many LAC countries. In Europe, China is trying to win over not only markets but also political allies. The U.S.-China competition has brought many challenges to international cooperation in areas such as trade, investment, economic development, technology, and even security. Consequently, it has a direct impact on the development of the EU-LAC strategic partnership established two decades ago. That turbulent global context complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic should trigger greater reflection on the opportunities and possible necessary directions to enhance EU-LAC relations, as well as an opportunity to share various perspectives and know-how on the potential bi-regional response to these challenges and how to mitigate the risks stemming from the U.S.-China rivalry.

The conference was organised within the framework of the project “The U.S.-China Rivalry: Implications for EU-LAC Relations” elaborated by PISM in cooperation with its Latin American think-tank partners: CARI, COMEXI, and FGV. The initiative won co-financing award from EU-LAC Foundation in 2019.

The agenda is available in the attachment.