Meeting with the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Jatzel Román

Today, the Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, Dr. Adrián Bonilla, and the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic Jatzel Román González made progress in exchanges regarding the organization of an event on economic recovery in the tourism sector, following the impact of Covid-19 in the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vice Minister Jatzel Román González expressed the support of the Dominican government for the design and organization of the joint event. The topic of economic recovery in the economies most dependent on the tourism sector is of great interest to the Dominican Republic, given that the country is one of the main tourist destinations in the world, with an estimated 8 million tourists, which due to the impact of Covid-19 was reduced to the 2 million reported.

The Foundation also thanked the Dominican Republic for its recent and important voluntary contribution to the general budget of the EU-LAC Foundation.