Meeting of Intergovernmental Organisations

The European Union, Latin America, and the Caribbean face various challenges in the political, geopolitical, economic, and social scenarios, among others, caused to a large extent by the Covid- 19 pandemic, which require joint solutions and responses to face them. For these efforts to be effective, greater coordination and convergence strategies are needed at the multilateral and regional levels.

Strengthening the bi-regional relationship to face this international context in coordination is a concern that emerges strongly in these new conditions. The next EU-CELAC Summit of Heads of State and Government scheduled to be held in July 2023, in Brussels, Belgium, is a significant step towards dialogue and establishing a renewed common work agenda. For this, there is an important accumulated experience of organizations that work, be it from the bi-regional, regional, or sub-regional sphere, as well as from the perspective of cooperation and financing, which contribute to the promotion of knowledge and the socioeconomic development of their Member States. This moment is presented as an opportunity to re-examine the advantages and potential of the EU-LAC bi-regional strategic association to reposition multilateralism as a viable architecture, from a perspective of shared values, problems, and solutions.

International intergovernmental organisations have the potential to increase the coincidence and intersection of themes, strategies, agendas, and specific actions under shared objectives. From there, the EU-LAC Foundation calls a meeting to discuss priority issues, common concerns, and possible scenarios for coordinated action.

Participation by personal invitation only.