Meeting with Dr Gianfranco Franz and Dr Fernando Díaz

On Friday 16 April, the Executive Director of the International EU-LAC Foundation, Dr Adrian Bonilla, met with Dr Gianfranco Franz of the University of Ferrara and Dr Fernando Diaz, Director of Routes Towards Sustainability. During the meeting, opportunities for cooperation between the institutions were discussed, and participation in the seminar entitled "In search of integral development: theories and practices to realise ecologically oriented, circular economic systems and build a more just society".

The University of Ferrara has been working with its research groups in recent years on the topic of sustainability, pursuing the objective of strengthening research on this topic, communicating and disseminating and consolidating the findings, and promoting international cooperation between universities and research programmes. One of the initiatives resulting from this area of work is the "Routes towards Sustainability" initiative, which was born within the University of Ferrara, and is defined as an international network that aims to disseminate conceptual and methodological frameworks, academic initiatives and good practices around the theme of sustainability.

On this occasion, the University of Ferrara has approached the International EU-LAC Foundation intending to explore and coordinate the participation of the Executive Director, Dr Adrián Bonilla, in the event entitled "In search of integral development: theories and practices to realise circular, ecologically oriented economic systems and build a more just society" which will take place on 16, 23 and 30 June, and where Dr Bonilla will participate on 23 June.

In addition to this specific participation, they discussed future projects that could be articulated between the two institutions around issues of development, resilient economy, and initiatives that allow Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean to exchange experiences.