Library of the Polish Institute of International Affairs

About the Library

The PISM Library collection comprises about 200,000 volumes. The library specialises in international relations, foreign policy, international law, world economy and globalisation, history of diplomacy, international security, European integration, and regional studies. The library also collects documents and publications issued by the UN and its organisations. The library has Poland’s largest collection of diplomatic documents series published in various countries.

It is a United Nations depository library.


PISM Library cooperates with domestic and foreign libraries and research centres. It has publication exchange programmes with more than 60 institutions.

The library also cooperates in cataloguing library materials within the framework of the NUKAT initiative–National Catalogue of Scientific Libraries.  

The library is a member of the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS). As part of this network, the PISM Library participates in activities aimed at preparing a multilingual European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies.

The library is also a member of PolALEPH, the Polish National Group of ALEPH Users.

For more information, please visit the official website.