Learning and Teaching EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Relations. An open educational resource

Year of Publication
This is not a simple text book. This is a complete teaching tool meant to provide lecturers in particular - but also students - with an interactive, bilingual, multimodality and cost free instrument to facilitate the teaching and learning of an understudied topic in international affairs such as EU-LAC relations. This teaching tool can be used as a full course or as complementary material for courses in a wide range of disciplines and subjects, from International Relations to EU and Latin American Studies, from Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Analysis to International History, Regionalism, Governance or more specific topics discussed in the teaching tool. Furthermore, this tool is designed for lecturers with students of all level from BA upwards. This means that the lecturer has the possibility to go more or less deep into the topics and make content more or less sophisticated. The material is equally suitable to teach university students at BA, MA and PhD level and professionals, to train diplomats, ministerial staff or journalists and local administrations officials. The contributors thought of this teaching tool as an all-round functional instrument for lecturers of different kind, level, and background addressing diverse audiences
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