"Latin American and Caribbean Fall" Festival - Edition 2022


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“Speaking Languages – Communicating Cultures”

September 5th - November 11

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As in previous editions, the Fall activities were articulated around a specific theme. The topic of 2022 was "Speaking Languages - Communicating Cultures", which aimed to highlight the richness and validity of languages as a factor of encounter, communication and respect for social and cultural expressions in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Language was highlighted as a central element of identity and belonging, as well as an important vehicle for the dissemination of shared values, perspectives, and historical and national narratives. Its importance in the economic, cultural and political integration of its speakers and its value as cultural heritage was also emphasised. Another important objective was the valorisation of indigenous languages as an essential part of the cultural richness and identity of Latin American and Caribbean nations.

This theme proved to be relevant and motivating for the participating organisations. In addition to Spanish and German, activities were presented in the following languages: Portuguese, Guarani, Quechua, English, Aymara, and Mapudungun.

Despite taking place in an extremely challenging context due to the aftermath of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, as well as several economic and political conflicts, the 2022 edition of the "Latin American and Caribbean Fall" managed to recover the levels registered before the pandemic and position itself as one of the most successful editions of the Festival. The final version of the programme of activities registered 81 events with a record participation of 52 organisations, including 11 Latin American and Caribbean embassies and consulates and 41 civil society organisations.

Moreover, the two new projects launched for this edition (EU-LAC Culinary Route and Ibero-American Film Week) set a good precedent and, in both cases, their potential to become essential parts of the Festival in the future could be appreciated. There was also a record number of participating venues with 41 locations.