"Latin American and Caribbean Fall" - Edition 2019

The 2019 edition of the “Latin American and Caribbean Fall” Festival was based on the slogan “Science and Knowledge”. Exceeding the scope of prior editions, in 2019, the Festival consisted of 90 events, which featured the participation of 65 organisations, including 18 Embassies and Consulates and 47 civil society organisations of different kinds. The activities were developed in 37 venues throughout the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Chile was the most represented country with 15 events, followed by Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Cuba, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Paraguay.

The Cervantes Institute was the venue that hosted most events with a total of 32 activities, which once again demonstrates the commitment of this institution both to the goals of the projects and the promotion of different aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean in the city of Hamburg.

The fact that the Festival registered three consecutive years of growth in all its main indicators is proof of the great engagement of various organisations to present events relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean. It is also an indicator of the growing interest from the local public to learn more about the region.