Jamaica’s Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act 2015, by Golding

In recent years the winds have changed internationally. Several countries, including Jamaica, have been reviewing their laws in relation to cannabis. It is generally agreed that these reforms have made Jamaica’s law more consistent with the cultural, social and economic circumstances of our society, while duly observing our obligations under the international drug conventions. It is therefore hoped that the UNGASS in April 2016 will increase the momentum towards a review of the treaty provisions, which are widely regarded as outdated and incoherent in their application to cannabis. Jamaica will join with other likeminded countries in promoting an international regime which empowers countries to develop national policies towards cannabis which are coherent and in keeping with the best interests and aspirations of our citizens. Read paper


Senator the Honourable Mark Golding was Jamaica's Minister of Justice from 2012 until March 2016.

This paper was prepared for the EU‑LAC Foundation’s Newsletter of March 2016 on the theme “The World Drug Problem”. This article gives the views of the author, and not necessarily the position of the EU-LAC Foundation.