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The EU-LAC Foundation offers internships four cycles a year to university students who are citizens of the European Union (EU), Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) - for a maximum of three months, giving them the opportunity to strengthen knowledge on the bi-regional Strategic Partnership EU-LAC and their first experience in a work environment within a bi-regional organisation.

Filomeva Bovi (Italy), Montserrat Ros (Colombia), and Durdana Prado (Mexico) Interns January - March 2019
Filomena Bovi (Italy), Montserrat Ros (Colombia), and Durdana Prado (Mexico) interns January/March 2019 

The interns will give support to our Foundation professional team in their work processes and daily activities, which will afford them the opportunity to make relevant experiences in assistance with the carrying out of activities related to projects, research, proofreading and translation of documents, updating of specific sections of the Foundation’s website and social networks, organisation of events, maintenance of the in-house library, among other activities.

Internship conditions

All the students must cover the travel expenses to reach Hamburg as well as taking care of all visa processes and any other requirements related to the relocation.  Once the intern has been selected, we will provide relevant information on accommodation and tips while living in Hamburg.

Interns will receive a monthly stipendium of 450€ to contribute to the living expenses related to housing, diets and local transport. The payment will be done according to the amount of days worked during the month. Therefore, could be the case that you start working later or end earlier in the current month, thus the payment will be less than 450€.


The EU-LAC Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.

Check the testimonials from our former interns here! 

Nemdia Daceney and Lisa Krause

Nemdia Daceney (Haiti) & Lisa Krause (Germany)
Interns April - June 2016

Jessica Johansson, Swedish

The internship experience gave me a better insight into the bi-regional cooperation and reinforced my motivation of working in a EU-LAC framework.

Daniel Mullen, British-Colombian

This internship has enhanced my critical understanding of current problematics and the potential of bi-regional cooperation.

Emma Tyrou, French

There is no doubt that my experience in the Foundation has enriched me and given me many perspectives; I am very greatful and conscious that I was lucky. I am sure that all interns have a successful path and that this training process will continue in the future!

Antonino Galliani, Italian

The internship period at the Foundation gave me the possibility to discover the importance of the links for collaboration between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean, in the framework of a successful cooperation for both regions.