International Symposium: ‘Collaborating for Global Health: Shared Challenges & Responsibilities. A Transatlantic Policy Dialogue between Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean’


The Covid-19 pandemic showed in dramatic form that health is a global issue; it also evidenced how interdependent our societies and economies are, and how ill-prepared we were to engage in bold and solidarity-based cooperation across national borders and world regions. In this context the European Union – Latin America and Caribbean International Foundation (EU–LAC Foundation) and the German-Latin American Centre for Infection and Epidemiology Research (GLACIER) are joining forces to convene an International Symposium ‘Collaborating for Global Health: Shared Challenges & Responsibilities’, to be held on 25 June 2024 at the Charité, Berlin. 

This high-level one-day event will bring together researchers from different disciplines, specialised organisations, public officials and interested members of the general public from Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean to learn from the pandemic experience and to discuss how to develop more robust and reliable structures and mechanisms for cooperation to enable both regions to engage in more coordinated measures to prepare for and respond to current and future health challenges. 

The international symposium will be open to the public (prior previous registration) and structured around three thematic panels and a concluding roundtable which will be moderated by representatives of the EU-LAC Foundation and GLACIER. The main language of the event will be English, but simultaneous interpretation will be available.