"Latin American and Caribbean Fall" Festival 2022

LAC Herbst 2022

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“Speaking Languages – Communicating Cultures”

September 5th - November 11

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This year's edition of the "Latin American and Caribbean Fall" Festival aims to highlight the richness and validity of languages as a factor of encounter, communication, and respect for social and cultural expressions in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Language is a central element of the individuals' identity and influences their perception of life and sense of relevance. In this line, communication through language creates a collective cultural identity of speakers and promotes their shared values and perspectives, their historical and national narratives, which makes languages bridges to other societies. Valuing and respecting languages is central to the cultural industries and policies of EU-LAC Foundation member countries and their diasporas. That is why, in the 2022 edition of the festival, we want to celebrate languages as a channel for multiculturalism and integration.

The "Latin American and Caribbean Fall" is a festival conceived by the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg following the interest of the group of Latin American and Caribbean Consuls accredited in Hamburg. It takes place annually and aims to improve the visibility and knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean in Hamburg through a programme of activities that allows the interested public to participate in the discussion of social, economic and political issues and at the same time brings the public closer to the cultural richness of this region. It is distinguished by an agenda with topics of interest for Latin America and the Caribbean and its relations with the European Union - especially with Germany. It also aims to create cooperative links with all entities that share its vision and objectives.

Since the EU-LAC Foundation took over the coordination of the project at the beginning of 2017, the Latin American and Caribbean Fall has been developed on the basis of the following guidelines:

  1. Show the diversity and cultural richness of European, Latin American and Caribbean countries from a fresh approach that gives priority to current issues.

  2. Articulate a varied programme in which, in addition to presenting cultural events, spaces are opened up for the discussion of economic, political, social and academic issues.

  3. Generate greater interest and participation of the European public, particularly the German public.

  4. Give visibility and relevance to the Latin American and Caribbean communities in Europe and promote dialogue and integration between the two regions.

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