Inauguration ceremony of the “Latin American and Caribbean Fall” Festival

On September 16, the official opening ceremony of the “Latin American and Caribbean Fall” Festival took place with the participation of ambassadors, consuls, academics, representatives of museums and cultural institutes in Hamburg, as well as members of the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora, in the ballroom of the Hamburg City Hall.

In her welcome remarks, the State Secretary and Plenipotentiary of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg to the Federation, to the European Union, and for Foreign Affairs, Ms Almut Möller, highlighted commercial considerations and the prospects of new trading opportunities at the heart of Hamburg’s contribution to the Latin American independence movement, the economic context, therefore, led to the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Ms Almut Möller stated: “In times of international crisis and uncertainties, our friendship with the people in Latin America and the Caribbean is very precious to us in Hamburg, because on both sides we look back at a common history of traditional and friendly relations, and in many ways, we´ve found roots in our shared values.”

Following, Dr Adrián Bonilla, Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, extended a warm invitation to this year’s festival under the theme “National myths and narratives”, which strives to address those issues that contribute to the identity of the Latin American and the Caribbean societies with rich and diverse cultures that are expressed through its people, its food and dances, its literature and through its diasporas. Dr Bonilla, moreover, underlined the EU-LAC Foundation’s work to build bridges between both regions and its aim to contribute with more cultural opportunities to the city of Hamburg:

“As an international organization, our mission is to preserve and increase the visibility of the association between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union. This alliance is based not only on joint activities and projects but also on the shared belief in common values and visions on how to face our future and embark jointly on the road towards fulfilling the 2030 Agenda and achieving a greener and better world."

Elmer Schialer Salcedo, Ambassador of Perú, emphasized the development of relations between the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and Germany as a result of an important and often strategic partnership that has nurtured both cultures. In the case of the city of Hamburg, the important relationship with the port has allowed commercial ties to be strengthened between the two regions.

Furthermore, Jorge Alfredo Lemcke, Ambassador of Guatemala, expressed his gratitude to the EU-LAC Foundation and the Latin American and Caribbean Fall Festival for commemorating the bicentenaries of the Central American countries, as well as of Peru, and Mexico in order to make known different areas of their cultures.

“In this difficult time in which the pandemic has affected us, it is essential to maintain bonds of friendship, solidarity, and cooperation in the world. That is why the bi-regional union that the EU-LAC Foundation represents, multilateralism and supporting each other is of utmost importance.”

The official programme was followed by a reception.

The "Latin American and Caribbean Fall" is a festival conceived by the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and coordinated by the EU-LAC Foundation. We kindly invite you to actively participate, in the Latin America and Caribbean Fall Festival and enjoy the discussions, lectures, concerts and many other formats.

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