Guest Lecture: "Can Latin America be Part of the Solution to the European Crisis?"

In the context of the International Week of the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA),  the Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, Ambassador Jorge Valdez, was invited to give a lecture in English entitled “Can Latin America be part of the solution to the European Crisis?“


The lecture was attended by students interested in the dynamic of Latin America and how this region represents a strategic partner to the European Union. The Executive Director emphasised how Latin America's economic growth despite the global economic downturn has increased Latin America's attractiveness. On the other hand, the European Union displays specific characteristics that complement the current requirements of Latin America. In this sense, Executive Director Valdez stressed the importance of not viewing the European Union and Latin America as competitors, but as regions that complement each other. 


After a debate on the question of whether Latin America could indeed be part of the solution to the European crisis, Ambassador Valdez also briefly presented the EU-LAC Foundation and its objectives.