Gender equality and cultural knowledge: A vision of the value of the Bolivian contribution to the EU-LAC cooperation, by Bustamante

CECASEM is a non-governmental organisation that works with rural development and gender equality in the more isolated indigenous and peasant villages of Bolivia. Patricia Bustamente, director of CECASEM, explains that in the process towards equality, the political participation of women, reproductive health, economic empowerment and eradication of gender-based violence constitute the most important issues. She asserts that Bolivia can contribute to the bi-regional cooperation with its valuable knowledge of different cultures and its respect for various lifestyles. In return, the European Union provides financial support and an exchange of knowledge, thus establishing a mutualistic cooperation. Read paper

Patricia Bustamante is the director of the Training and Service Centre for the Integration of Women (CECASEM).

This paper was prepared for the EU-LAC Foundation’s Newsletter of September 2016 on the theme “Equitable access to public services by women and men.” This article gives the views of the author, and not the position of the EU-LAC Foundation. This is a translation of the responsibility of the EU-LAC Foundation; to read the original version in Spanish please follow the link.