The European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean: Cartography of the Association Agreements

The EU-LAC Foundation and the Carolina Foundation present a series of studies produced by recognized experts and a comparative vision that provides an analytical map of the association agreements between the European Union and its partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, identifying the political and economic processes that provide the context for their ratification, modernisation and implementation, as well as perceptions on the state of political dialogue and cooperation between the European Union and Central America, the Caribbean, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, the Andean Region and Mercosur. The text is an input for a strategic analysis of the institutions of the European Union’s relationship with its counterparts in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its interpretation can be useful to understand the common policies and agendas that seek new models of sustainable development and coordinated governmental responses to the challenges of the changing international order, and to the persistent issues of the relationship such as climate change, ecological transition, digitalisation, productive transformation, social inclusion and the revitalisation of multilateralism.