The EU-LAC Foundation’s Digital Library Joins efforts with AL-LAs

In order to promote bi-regional academic research and education the AL-LAs and EU-LAC Foundation Digital Libraries join efforts.

The digital library Ciudades al Mundo is part of the project AL-LASs aimed at professionalise the international relations of local governments and its study. In this library, focused on Latin America and Europe, the user can find case-studies, articles, meetings’ notes, political declarations, as well as the collection of Cuadernos para la Internacionalización de las Ciudades (“Notebooks for the Internationalisation of Cities”) and other publications by the project AL-LAs on the work done for the consolidation of the international action by local governments.

The EU-LAC Foundation’s digital library is a repository for researchers interested in the EU-LAC relations. The Library includes several documents such as articles, academic publications, bibliographic information and Summit Declarations, mostly since 1999 when the bi-regional Partnership was formally launched.

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