The EU-LAC Foundation joins the German Unity Day Celebration


The EU-LAC Foundation was honoured to be invited to participate in the "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" or German Unity Day, on 2 and 3 October. 

This event took place in the city of Hamburg, commemorating the German reunification under the theme "Horizon Öffnen" or "Opening Horizons". The celebration brought together more than 400 exhibitors, all committed to commemorate this special day and also to promote the opening of new horizons. 


    During the event, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, visited the Foundation's stand and emphasised the relevance of multiculturalism, as well as the importance of Latin America and the Caribbean in this context. The festival provided an opportunity to appreciate the international spirit, diversity and progress of a unified Germany, as well as the richness and beauty of the city of Hamburg. 


In collaboration with various consulates, embassies and civil associations, the foundation was located at the Gerhart-Hauptmann Platz for the festivities. In addition to highlighting the work of the foundation, we were able to invite and encourage the promotion of the activities of the tenth edition of the Latin American and Caribbean Fall 2023 that will take place this October and November, together with the Gastronomic Month of October. In collaboration with Hamburg-Mexico E.V., we had face painters recreating the flags of Latin American and Caribbean countries, providing fun for children and adults. In addition, the artist Ante Tiebec performed live the creation of one of her works.

We thank everyone who came to celebrate Unity Day, learn about our work and engage in a dialogue and connection with us.