EU-LAC Foundation and the Federal Republic of Germany sign Headquarters Agreement

On 11 May, the Headquarters Agreement between the EU-LAC Foundation and the German Government, represented by the Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, Dr Adrian Bonilla and the Minister of State, Dr Tobias Lindner, was signed at the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. The ceremony was also attended by the President of the EU-LAC Foundation, Leire Pajín, the Deputy Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean of the European Union External Action Service, Javier Niño, and the State Councillor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Almut Möller.

The act consolidated the EU-LAC International Foundation as an instrument to contribute to the strengthening of the bi-regional partnership between the countries of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. With 12 years of experience, the Foundation has positioned itself as a partner in political dialogue, building and strengthening networks and bridges between both regions, which serve as a solid foundation for looking forward to the coming years with optimism.

The work of the International Organisation has been greatly supported by the EU-LAC Foundation’s host country, the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as the host city Hamburg, which provides resources and operational support to fulfil the mandate established in the Constitutive Agreement. Proof of this is the EU-LAC Gender Equality Forum that was held on May 11-12 at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin in preparation for the EU-CELAC Summit, thus highlighting Germany’s interest in actively engaging within the bi-regional strategic partnership.

Therefore, the signing of the Headquarters Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU-LAC Foundation represents a key momentum for the organisation to continue its work in favour of the governmental and societal ties between the European Union Latin America and the Caribbean.

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