EU-LAC Awards Winners Testimonials


“For the CIVICS team (VIC, Ciudadanía 2.0-SEGIB, and local partners) it is a great honour to receive this award in support of a vision we had some time ago: Ibero-American cities are full of citizen innovation that provide inclusive, imaginative, efficient and sustainable solutions to the present challenges and needs we face in the cities and neighbourhoods where we live. The pride of being awarded with such an important prize reinforces the open and free idea of the project, where everyone can download, modify or upload information to the platform itself. There are more than 4000 initiatives mapped throughout Ibero- America that undoubtedly offer concrete examples of good practices in social transformation and democratic governance. All of them construct the idea of a transforming, connected and innovative Latin America, where the citizens themselves provide solutions from the knowledge insights they have acquired

Esaú Acosta -CIVICS Representative in the EU-LAC Awards Ceremony- Winner Project of the Citizens´ Initiative category  


“Winning this  Awards it is a great driver for me, not only because of the EU-LAC Foundation reputation, but also because it invites me to go further and to learn more about what we can learn from each other in both regions. With my article I aimed to convey the importance of working as equals around common challenges and of combining the doses of talent that abound on both sides of the Atlantic. The citizens of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean have much in common, and journalism is an excellent platform of bringing people together. The EU-LAC Awards opens a platform for young journalists and gives visibility to issues of great interest that sometimes go unnoticed in the mainstream media”.


Cristina Belda Font- Young Journalist category winner. Candidature of  the European Union




"I am extremely honoured to be receiving such an important award. It’s not only an opportunity to promote my thoughts about the bi-regional cooperation, but also an amazing chance to explore the many faces of the current bi-regional relationship. I believe that the promotion of dialogue is essential to enhance the participation of many sectors of Latin American, Caribbean and European societies. In this sense, the EU-LAC Award is an important tool to embrace young professionals and contribute to a more comprehensive and diverse cooperation process."



Maria Claúdia Reis Silva- Young Journalist category winner. Candidature of Latin America and the Caribbean