The EU and CELAC: Reinvigorating a Strategic Partnership

EU-CELAC relations, strategic partnership, democracy, multilateralism, II Summit EU-CELAC  


This study is the result of a Reflection Process on the future of bi-regional relations between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. This process consisted of V Reflection Fora and an on-line consultation, coordinated by the EU-LAC Foundation and geared towards kindling the debate on and integrating different voices to the interregional debate in the run-up to the EU-CELAC Summit to be held in Brussels in June 2015. 

During this process, various key actors from both regions – scholars, civil society, ex-government officials, representatives of economic organisations, etc. – were requested to comment on four axes: a) the ways in which the bi-regional dialogue may benefit from the constitution of CELAC as a political platform of regional interlocution and a body to coordinate regional responses, b) the discomfort in democracy in both regions; c) global political economy and “mega-regional” agreements, and d) venues of cooperation in the post-MDGs 2015 framework. These four, we argue, are potential themes of reflection on the future of the bi-regional partnership.