Ending poverty together; new partnerships to improve everyone's lives, by Neven Mimica

2015 is a truly momentous year for international cooperation and development: the Addis Ababa financing for development conference and the UN summit in September in New York to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Moreover, in 2015 the EU launched the European Year for Development, where we engaged with our citizens to explain what is happening on development internationally and also to listen to their concerns. Further strengthening EU-CELAC cooperation has been an important aspect of our work in this landmark year for development. At the EU-CELAC summit last June in Brussels, we all agreed to commit to eradicating poverty in all its forms and achieving sustainable development through our economic, social and environmental development efforts. The EU, Latin America and the Caribbean can add value to global efforts by coming together to deliver on the 2030 agenda and the SDGs. (read paper)


Neven Mimica is the European Union Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development.

Foto: European Commision audiovisual services