Ecuador's Commitment to Youth

Leonardo Arízaga is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador.

This paper is a contribution to March 2015 edition of the EU- LAC Foundation on Youth Employment. This translation is under the responsibility of the EU-LAC Foundation. See the original version in Spanish here

In 2006, the Government of the Citizen’s Revolution was given a mandate by the people of Ecuador to undertake a radical change to the economic, social and political structures in our country. Led by the economist Rafael Correa Delgado, our political project undertakes the creation of a new Nation. Working on this new present, and guiding it towards a more just and progressive future, is in all our interests, but especially in the interest of young people. Many of our hopes reside in our country’s young people to continue driving this process forward towards a more just, equal, prosperous and solidary country.

The 2008 Political Constitution, a triumph of voter turnout, put forward the main role of our country’s youth in article 39, by recognizing them as holders of rights and strategic agents of development. (read paper)